Commercial and Domestic Cleaning Services Aberdeen & Surrounding Areas

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    Welcome to Domestic and Commercial Cleaning Services Aberdeen. We love the Granite City and are dedicated to keeping it shining – from flats and houses to commercial property, businesses, and industrial premises we clean them all. Whether you’re looking for a little help around the home or aim to impress clients and customers. Whether you want a workforce that’s motivated by your evident professionalism when it comes to taking care of the workplace, or whether you just want to be a hundred per cent sure that you’re a step ahead of the Health and Safety requirements we’re the people you want to be talking to.
    About Us
    Domestic and Commercial Cleaning Services Aberdeen are a team of professional cleaners who are as much masters of the dark arts of stain removal as they are of the Health and Safety guidelines of food preparation and packaging workspaces. You’ll find our cheery cleaners helping out in the home when the pace of modern life means there’s just no time to make it all presentable on a regular basis. We’re there for those big annual spring cleans, or pre/post tenant occupation clear outs. We’ll keep those offices smart enough to impress or that showroom gleaming and if you’ve got industrial space we’ll not only keep it grim and spill free but firmly on the right side of the Health and Safety guidelines for your industry sector. Trust us. We’re local professionals.
    Our Services
    The first thing you need to know is that there’s not much we don’t do, big or small. We’ll come round and get that stubborn stain out of the sofa or rid your carpet of chewing gum infestations, we’ll do the weekly clean, or the fortnightly windows. Equally we’ll have that office block smartened up and sanitised ready in time for Monday morning. We are no strangers to industrial cleaning and there’s no grease trap that can scare us. Whatever it is you need clean and professional looking we are the professional cleaners you can count on.  The following are a few of our most often asked-after services but there simply isn’t room here to cover everything we do so why not give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll arrange to meet up and find out more about you and what you’d like us to do for you.

    Commercial Cleaning

    Keeping a commercial property clean isn’t just about looks; it speaks volumes about your professional pride as a landlord or employer and we know just how important that is from our years of working with local businesses taking care of their regular cleaning. From bins to kitchen areas, office carpets to desktops plus all those often neglected areas like storage and the ones nobody takes responsibility for like conference rooms. We’ll also do the small but important stuff like cleaning the screens, the keyboards, and the phone handsets.

    Domestic Cleaning

    Homes come in all shapes and sizes but no matter how compact and bijoux it is incredible just how much cleaning they take. We’ll do full size residential and nursing homes but we are also perfectly happy to come and home clean.  Some of our customers have a regular weekly schedule with us to keep on top of the cleaning jobs, others just call us in for one-offs like post party spills or a long overdue Spring Clean. No matter, we can do it all, including deep cleaning carpets and upholstery or hard to get at windows.
    “Everything that’s right about an old fashioned home cleaning service only with state of the art materials and techniques. Wouldn’t change them for the world. Thanks Domestic and Commercial Cleaning Services Aberdeen.” – Emily L.

    Carpet Cleaning

    Shag pile, twist, Berber – we’re happy with all types of carpets and we know the demands of getting each one looking as good as they can be. That means different styles of cleaning from hot water extraction to the modern encapsulation techniques as well as individual stubborn stain removal.  Got kids? Got dogs? Get some help because the longer you leave it the worse those stains will get.  We’re here to help.

    Industrial Cleaning

    We not only clean all kinds of industrial premises we also make sure we have the public liability insurance and Health and Safety guidelines you need for cleaning to be about professionalism as much as it is about appearances. Join the Aberdeen area companies who trust us to not only clean the place up but keep them running smoothly.
    “We engaged Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services Aberdeen on a recommendation when our old office cleaning company became untrustworthy and we’ve found the professional and receptive to suggestions.” – Daniel C.

    Window Cleaning

    We can do the old ‘cheeky chappy with a ladder’ style window cleaning but we like to go one better. Whether we’re cleaning your home windows or your showroom display windows we take care that we use micro fibre cloths both to wipe away even the smallest smear or mark but also to ensure that we don’t splash so much as a stray drop into your showroom or offices. We can use hot water pipe brushes to access windows way above street level thereby avoiding rope access issues and ladders around sensitive areas.  Talk to us today about making your glass gleam.

    Areas We Cover

    Obviously at  Domestic and Commercial Cleaning Services Aberdeen we cover the whole of Aberdeen but we also range far and wide out of the city itself to the north, west, and southern suburbs of the city. Talk to us now about whether you’re on one of the main corridors (including the A90 and A92) that we travel and work across. Stonehaven, Bridge of Don, Cove Bay, and all surrounding areas are all on our radar and we would be happy to come clean your property!
    “Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services Aberdeen work unsociable hours for our production line at very reasonable rates and with a great can-do attitude.” – Brian S.

    Contact Us Today

    We look forward to speaking with. you soon to hear about your requirements so we can come give your place a good old spring cleaning!
    We can guarantee you will be happy with the finished product! Looking forward to speaking soon