Carpet Cleaning

Vacuuming your carpet with a quality vacuum cleaner is a great start and reacting promptly to smaller localised spills is a great way to limit stains but over time dust, hairs (especially pet hairs) and general grime will build up and a vacuum cleaner will be powerless to deal with that.  This then brings two problems. The first is appearance since those living in a house may not notice but over time the carpet’s appearance will be immediately visible to visitors and will eventually start to look uncared for.  The second is that carpets can be home to a wide range of allergens that will affect you and the visitors to your house. So the time comes when you need a little help in smartening up your carpet and giving it a true deep clean.

How Often Should Carpets be Cleaned?

The bad news is that carpets need cleaning more than you think because even with the most enthusiastic vacuuming there is a layer of dirt that builds up at the root level of the pile and that is a particular problem for deep shag carpets. For standard household footfall a deep clean/steam clean is only needed once or twice a year, though if you’re feeling guilty right now you should know that it’s obvious from the state of many of the carpets we clean that many households haven’t really thought about it for a few years before we get there.  If you have toddlers, and especially if you have both toddlers and pets all of which tend to spend a lot of time close to that carpet then the recommendation is that you deep clean every three years to ensure that allergens don’t build up (and your home looks good of course).

Why a Professional Clean?

Can you hire a carpet steam washer and have a go yourself? Yes of course you can.  But even leaving out the effort – and you’d be surprised how much work it can be – we would still recommend our services. For a start you probably won’t get hold of the same level of industrial grade carpet cleaners we have so the machine is not as thorough which typically translates to having to spend longer going over the same areas.  Secondly we don’t just use one cleaning solution but have a wide range of options because we deal with a wide range of carpets from Berber originals to deep pile and twist pile. Different carpets benefit from different approaches and we can choose between shampoo, dry foam, steam, dry cleaning, or dry compounds to ensure you get the best possible results with no risk to your carpet.

Hot Water Extraction

Often confused with steam cleaning this is a machine that effectively treats your carpet with hot water and sucks it out. To work properly this relies on preparation including alkaline agents sprayed into the carpet then brushed or scrubbed before the hot water extraction flushes out all the grime.


Where traditional washing works on oils and stains by dissolving them into solution then extracting them encapsulation uses polymers that dry and bind with the grime to make it brittle so it breaks the dirt’s hold on your carpet.  Let us inspect your carpet and we’ll advise you what’s best for your home.
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