Commercial Cleaning

Nobody ever went into commerce so that they could spend more time cleaning their premises or their machines. You’ve got enough on your hands running the business and doing the daily work without the thought that when that day is done you have to now clean up after everybody before you can go home. So don’t. Trust us to do it for you while you take care of what it was that you wanted to do in the first place. Don’t waste your time and effort on cleaning, or on chasing around to find cleaners you can trust. One phone call to us and that’s one business problem that goes away.

Pubs and Restaurants

Aside from the obvious importance of having clean cooking and food prep areas there is also a wealth of health and safety legislation which is rightly designed to protect the public but which puts a heavy burden of responsibility on the restaurateur or publican. Let us lift that burden and leave your catering and entertainment premises absolutely spotless. That includes all kitchen surfaces and sinks, as well as fridges and those tough to clean ventilator hoods where fat and grease deposits can build to create a fire risk as well as a health hazard in themselves. As well as the catering areas themselves we also take care of cleaning the surfaces used by customers including bar tops tables and furniture, the carpets, and every area customers will either see or come into contact. Because as well as keeping the Health and Safety people happy it’s also about the image you want to present and how comfortable you want your customers to feel.


Whether it’s a concert, a sporting event, a political gathering or a gallery preview every time you invite guests to a gathering in a public place there will be cleaning up to do.  If you’re in the events business it’s probably because you have great organisational skills and a passion for your area; probably not because you really look forward to picking up the litter and cleaning the floors when everyone has gone home. So engage local, professional cleaners to take care of that for you on a regular or a one off basis. Talk to us today to find out more about our rates and the events we can cover for you.


Keeping the office clean isn’t just about hygiene; it’s also a matter of professionalism and worker morale and as pros ourselves we totally get that. So call and let’s talk about floor space, furniture, machinery, and any special needs your office may have. Whatever it is we’re sure we can deal with it.

Pre or Post Tenancy

Landlords of all types know that all properties have to be cleaned pre or post (and often both) tenancy since with the best will in the world few tenants leave a property as spotless as the next one would like to find it. Even if they mean to they just won’t have access to the steam cleaners and carpet cleaning machines we bring to the party to ensure that your future tenants stay impressed and your rental value stays high.
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