Industrial Cleaning

There are as many kinds of industrial cleaning as there are workplaces. Aberdeen’s history means that we’re still home to everything from textiles manufacture to the fishing and oil businesses looking out to the North Sea. So we like to take a look at your industrial premises and break them down section by section to explain the different cleaning approaches needed to make those premises gleam. But then there’s another aspect to industrial cleaning to take into account – your work times. We know that you don’t want cleaning, however important, to impact on the business of your industry and that means hiring a cleaning company that’s professional enough to be able to schedule cleaning for as often as you need it and just when you have downtime. Given the diversity of industry in Aberdeen we find that often means antisocial hours. Not a problem. We’re used to that, so let’s inspect your premises and talk about your work patterns and schedules and come up with a plan that suits you. And then we get to work.

Surface Preparation

We’re not talking about a simple wipe down here. Depending on the nature of the industry you’re in we may need everything from surface diamond grinding prior to applying coating surfaces, routine floor and surface cleaning, removal of built up oil deposits, application of epoxies and polyurethanes as coatings to prevent further build up. Surfaces to clean could also include windows and skylights that may require access considerations. Because industrial floors could be anything from concrete to polished concrete or brick and paver combinations we bring machine power as well as muscle to the party to ensure that within the brief time window of your downtime we can get your industrial premises clean and ready to go the moment you need to hit the power switches the next day.

Manufacturing and Production

From pharmaceuticals to food preparation, assembly lines to packaging, there are a wide range of industrial processes that each have their own exacting standards of hygiene to adhere to. As well as common sense (and customer friendly) demands for hygiene, especially in food preparation there are also a number of industrial and Health and Safety standards that mus be respected and that’s where it really pays off to work with an established and professional cleaning company with proven experience in the field.


A sloppy office or workplace is a huge disincentive for your workforce as well as a daily eyesore. Nobody wants a workplace that has piles of cups on the floor around the bins, stains on work surfaces, or odours in public areas. Besides which there are cleaning concerns for sensitive equipment including keyboard and screen cleaning which need to be done regularly to ensure productivity.


While the immediate requirements of warehouses are usually scale and height access we find there are lots of other issues to take into account including the kinds of materials stored – and therefore the stains, and the presence of loading bays with the oil and tyre mark residues that go with them. Let us assess your premises and then make you an offer that’s both realistic and great value.
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