Window Cleaning

You don’t want to shut the sunshine out of your life, or find yourself staring at grubby marks on the glass. You certainly don’t want your customers, your employees, or your students noticing the marks. Instead you want absolutely gleaming windows that sparkle in the sun from the outside and are nearly invisible for those looking out from inside. Problem is that not only is smear free cleaning a bit of an art form but also that windows are often large and high up meaning there there is an access issue and possibly a degree of risk that goes with it.  So call on the professionals to put the shine on your home or business.

Home Windows

Cleaning home windows shouldn’t normally be such a big job but in families where everyone is busy it’s one of the jobs that so easily gets continuously put off for another day. Who hasn’t got something better to do than clean windows? Plus the situation is sometimes complicated by tall windows, bay windows, skylights, windows half way up stairs, or conservatory windows that include roof panels. Getting to all of those without risking tumbling from delicately balanced step ladders is something best left to the professionals.  Give us a call and we’ll help you decide how often you’d like your windows cleaned based on the number and age of your family members, and the exposure of your home.


Commercial windows are your showcase; even if you don’t actually have a showroom. The cleanliness and gleam of your windows speaks volumes about your professionalism and the general care you take of your property. It’s also a motivating factor for employees and customers alike. Nobody likes working or shopping in a place where the windows are grubby. Using poles with soft bristles and flushing water through we can reach heights that you might have thought required rope access. Our water fed pole system also makes it easy to comply with Health and Safety directives about working at height.


If you walk into a hotel room and the windows are grubby you’re going to wonder how clean everything else is. It’s a given. But hotels, even relatively small ones, tend to have a large number of windows that presents a Forth-bridge like challenge. We use micro fibre cloths to ensure that there are no drop marks on the windows but their absorption also ensures that there are no splashes as we work that might mark upholstery or bedding in the rooms.  If you’re dealing with a demanding clientele you’ll love our attention to detail. Give the job to the pros and let us clean the gutters while we’re up there. You’ll be glad you did.


Schools not only have a lot of glass they also have a lot of hands just itching to leave smeary hand prints on the panes. Using water fed poles we can reach high windows without having the risk of ladders in a busy school environment. As us about our full public liability insurance, Health and Safety policies and of course our prices.
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